11 February, 2010

Oh, Claire! What a Glorious Smackdown You've Got!

More smackdowns from Dems like this, please:
It's not always easy being a Democratic politician from Missouri. The Republican-controlled state government there pulls no punches attacking Democrats in Washington--and by extension Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO)--for reckless spending, even as Missouri itself, bruised by recession, benefits from that spending. Well, now she's hitting back.

McCaskill has written a sharply-worded letter to two particularly critical Missouri state legislators. The letter, dated February 9, takes the lawmakers to task for blasting the stimulus while using the funds to help bridge the state's budget gap. She writes, "I have noticed that you and many of your colleagues have been highly critical of some of the emergency spending that has gone on since the financial meltdown in September 2008."
[A]s I consider your suggestions, especially regarding the stimulus program, I need additional information. You are about to use almost a billion dollars in stimulus dollars in your current budgeting process. Please advise me as soon as possible what cuts you would recommend to your committees and the rest of the legislature to make up for these funds if we decided to rescind the unspent stimulus funds.
There's more.  There's so much more, and it is beautiful, and if Dems could just keep punching like this, the GOP would end up on the ropes with no idea what hit them.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go gaze upon her masterpiece once more, and I might even cry at the beauty of it all.

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Chris R said...

I don't think "Holy Shit" really does justice to this letter.