16 January, 2009

Find a Happy Place


You remember that little fish in the dentist's office tank, shrieking "Find a happy place find a happy place findahappyplace!" as the girl tapped on the glass? That's what Cons these days put me in mind of, only they're not as cute. But you can tell they're trying desperately they're trying to find their happy place after eight years of abject failure.

Brandon Friedman, better known for his incredible work with VoteVets.org and the blog VetVoice, ventures into the land of neocon psychosis and comes away with some amazingly amusing insights:
I’m not a psychologist, but this is really fascinating if you put it all together: It appears that distraught conservative pundits and bloggers are actually in the midst of collectively retreating into the world of fantasy as a psychological defense mechanism. Let’s take a look at three recent exhibits that illustrate what I’m talking about.

Exhibit A: The RedState Army Strike Force

Earlier this month, the most prominent conservative blog, RedState.com, began promoting what they’ve dubbed the RedState Army Strike Force.


When faced with the reality that they don’t have any field infrastructure remotely close to anything progressives have put together in the past two years, it’s almost as if these bloggers start. . .fantasizing. Like kids. What their project doesn’t demonstrate, however, is any in-depth knowledge of field organizing or any seeming long-term commitment to the hard work that accompanies the act of successful political organizing. It’s as if, rather than facing up to their electoral failures in 2006 and 2008, they’d rather take solace in pretending to be "warriors" locked in "battle" with their Democratic enemies.
You'll have to click through for the rest. Do it. You don't want to miss Jack Bauer and Joe the Plumber-Propagandist.

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