16 January, 2009

Motherfucking Recalcitrant Electronics

Just in case the internet crashes again and you guys wonder where the posts went, here's an explanation.

My computer has been remarkably bitchy tonight. Firefox refuses to talk to my playlists. Internet Explorer is running like an elephant on hallucinogenic tranquilizers, but it's at least willing to discuss the idea of streaming music. And then, just when peace begins to reign in the Hunter Household and some serious blogging could be done, fucking Comcast has started having service issues. Again.

I went two years with Cox, and had one outage. One. Uno. 1. I'm about to move back to Arizona, put up with the heat, the Cons, and all of the other bullshit I fled for, simply because I will at least have reliable internet service.

So there may or may not be actual content in the cantina tonight. Fair warning.

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Cujo359 said...

Try Speakeasy DSL if it's available in your area. I used to have Comcast cable, and eventually the incompetence got to be too much. I've had Speakeasy DSL for several years now, and other than the time power went out for much of the Puget Sound, it's been down for no more than an hour at a time, and even that level of outage is so infrequent that I take them as a potential sign of the apocalypse.

Check back on my blog and you'll note that there was a time when I did have some annoying bandwidth issues, which were all the more annoying because they were intermittent. Nevertheless, they Speakeasy worked it out eventually. Trust me, those kinds of problems are difficult to find and cure. ISPs that are, shall we say, less serious about helping their customers would have left me with the problem.