18 January, 2009

Steve Benen's Got My Back

Remember when I said this:
Bush sez he doesn't care [about what people think of him]. The fact he's got an army of legacy polishers out buffing as hard as they can claims otherwise.
Yeah. Here's Steve Benen to back me up on that one:

Chatting with CNN's Larry King this week, George W. Bush was asked about his weak public support. "I don't give a darn," the president said, adding, "Look it, these opinion polls are nothing but a, you know, a shot of yesterday's news."

Here's the thing: I don't believe him. Or more accurately, I don't think Bush believes what he's saying at all.

Think about how many "exit interviews" the president has done in recent weeks. And the reports every cabinet agency has put together to spin the administration's record in the most positive light possible. And the very existence of the "Bush Legacy Project." We're to believe the president has been working overtime to put his best foot forward because he doesn't care what we think?

I'll bet, if we could sneak into Bush's bedroom at night, we'd find him blubbering like a baby 'cuz nobody loves him.

1 comment:

Paul Havlak said...

The White House bathroom's more like it. One suspects Laura's not too happy about the legacy and would have little sympathy, either.