31 January, 2009

Time to Clean Out the Bushies

Something tells me a few people need reminding that there's a new boss now:

I can't figure out if these Bushies are doing this for the usual bribes or because they're homicidally jealous of sentient beings.

Greenpeace nails this:

Bush Holdovers Attempt to Undermine Obama Foreign Policy on Whaling

Greenpeace Calls for Obama, Clinton to Assert Authority and Replace Officials

WASHINGTON - Just days after the inauguration of President Obama, holdovers from the Bush administration are already attempting to undermine his foreign policy on whaling.

According to news reports out of Hawaii, Bush appointees on the International Whaling Commission - Doug DeMaster and commission chairman William Hogarth - participated in closed-door negotiations with Japan to finalize a deal that would allow increased whaling off the coast of Japan in return for marginal limits on Japan's illegal commercial whaling program in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. The trade-off will not benefit whale conservation and could actually put additional endangered populations at risk.

Such a deal would directly violate President Obama's stated policy of working to end Japanese whaling.
I guess they couldn't read the memo. Not surprising, considering the caliber of people Bush chose to contaminate the government with.

Obama's a busy man. He's got a ginormous mess to clean up, and rooting out Bush's buffoons on top of the myriad crises he was left with is a gargantuan job. Luckily, there are many firms specializing in the removal of toxic waste. And I'm sure they'll discount for bulk requests.

Send 'em in.

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