18 January, 2009

It's Very Rare That I Like Chris Matthews...

...but I love him for this:

Discussing the Bush legacy yesterday, Chris Matthews on MSNBC's Hardball came up with a good metaphor:

Matthews: I found it interesting that the president, who admitted he was wrong about WMDs as a justification for war, called it a "disappointment." If a police officer in the line of duty in the middle of the night shoots a fellow because he thinks he's got a gun, it turns out he's got a wallet, your reaction if you're a police officer is not that you're disappointed he didn't have a gun, it's shame that even if it was a technical mistake that you've made, that you've killed a guy without reason. Why does the president use the word "disappointment" when he says they didn't have the WMD to justify us going in? I think it's an odd use of the word.

That's a bloody brilliant metaphor. I guess Matthews finally got over his man-crush, then, eh?

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