23 January, 2009

Shine a Light

This delights me:

It looks like Senate Democrats are poised to try again on Lisa Jackson and Nancy Sutley, the Obama environmental nominees whose confirmations were slowed down by Republicans signaling their frustration over White House climate adviser Carol Browner.

As Senate environment committee chairman Barbara Boxer (D-CA) put it to TPM today, "Once we go public with [the GOP delay], it should go away."

And sure enough, drawing attention to the Republican objections did the trick. Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) clarified what Boxer termed his initial opposition to the environmental nominations, deeming it nothing but a misunderstanding. We won't know for sure until Democrats call up Jackson and Sutley again, but if no objection is heard, consider it further proof that sunshine is the best disinfectant.

It looks like Dems have figured out that dealing with Cons is much like dealing with cockroaches: shine a light on 'em, and they scatter. I just love the fact Dems are so matter-of-factly siccing the public on recalcitrant Cons. Seems they've finally figured out most Americans are fed up with obstructionist bullshit, and all that is needed to swing the public to their side is to show exactly who it is kicking and screaming on the floor just like tantrum-prone toddlers.

It's about bloody time.

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