29 January, 2009

Holy Shit, It's Been Too Long

I loves me my tequila (and rum, o' course), but I haven't been drinking it at home - I've been on a wine kick for years now, and save my hard drinking for when I'm out at the bars with friends. It seems like too much damned effort to mix something for me alone. I just didn't realize precisely how long it's been since I bought a bottle for home use until just now:
Should Washington get out of the booze business?

It's been asked before, and might be again: Should we get rid of state-owned liquor stores?


You'll find beer and wine in your local grocery stores, but only the state or businesses operating under contract with the state can sell hard liquor.
Nearly two years I've been here, and I had no fucking clue. It never even occurred to me to look. I guess all of that wonderful wine distracted me.

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J. John Johnstown said...

Yes, WA is a little weird like that. They just recently started opening all the liquor stores on Sundays, too. (Some were open, but not many.) Makes sense to me: it is a revenue source for the state that people WILL put money into, a lot. (I know I do!)