29 April, 2009

Christian "Science"

I'm sorry. I know this is probably going to make you wince, or possibly land in the hospital with a severe overdose of stupidity, but this is just too funny to pass up.

The Association of Christian Schools International is trying to sue the snot out of the University of California because U of C doesn't think the "science" classes taught by some Christian schools are quite up to snuff, and therefore refuse to award credit for those classes. Ed Brayton has the brief filed by attorneys made famous by the Kitzmiller trial, and highlights a possible reason U of C is being such a big meanie:

This brief deals primarily with the science classes that were rejected, classes that used one of two books: Biology for Christian Schools and Biology: God's Living Creation. These books are both virulently anti-science, teaching that anything that contradicts a literal interpretation of the Bible must be false.

Beginning with the first page of its introduction, the third edition of Biology for Christian Schools makes absolutely clear that its perspective on the nature of science is irreconcilably at odds with that of the NAS and the scientific community in general. From the outset, the textbook instructs the student that everything in the Bible is literally true and that, therefore, any scientific observations or conclusions that conflict with the Bible are necessarily false "no matter how many scientific facts may appear to back them."...Similar statements appear throughout the textbook, drumming home the message that, with respect to any "fact" contained in the Bible, empirical evidence is irrelevant. See, e.g., id. at 197 ("Because God is the source of all truth, all accurate scientific knowledge will fit into th[e Bible's] outline. Anything that contradicts God's Word is in error or has been misunderstood."); id. at 201 ("God's Word is the only true measuring stick of scientific accuracy."); id. at 204 ("All scientific facts and the interpretation of those facts, therefore, must fit into the model prescribed by the Word of God. A scientific 'fact' that does not fit into the worldview outlined in the Bible either is in error (and therefore not really a fact) or is being misinterpreted."); id. at 251 ("[T]he Bible is the source of all truth, and everything, not just science, must be evaluated based on Scripture. If a hypothesis or scientific model seems to make sense and all of the evidence points to an answer that is contrary to the Bible, then the evidence, not the Bible, must be reevaluated and the conclusions changed.").
Easy extra credit to any commentors who can hazard a guess as to why these "science" classes might be considered unacceptable to a university system that takes science seriously.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must go seek medical attention for the side I just split...

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Nicole said...

Do they know what it means to be accredited, by chance?

Even the super-conservative, King James Bible-believing, Bible-practicing school a few friends of mine attended realized that if any of the students decided to go to a NON-super-conservative, King James Bible-believing, Bible-practicing college, they'd need to teach hard science.

Why are people so afraid that if they read/watch/listen to something other than what comes from the pulpit, they'll be doomed forever?