17 April, 2009

WA Cons Going Stealth Again - Chagrin, Cowardice or Con Artistry?

Heh heh. Looks like Washington State cons are still afraid the public might figure out their true party affiliation and run away:
Susan Hutchison is a Republican.

The former KIRO-TV News anchor doesn't want you to know she's a Republican. She helped run a campaign that enables Republicans to run for office in liberal King County without disclosing that they're Republicans. And now she is using those new rules to run for King County executive without telling the voters that she's a Republican.

Hutchison was one of the leading proponents of last year's Initiative 26, which made all King County offices officially "nonpartisan." In a statement she cowrote supporting the measure, Hutchison said it would "end partisan bickering" and "create genuine nonpartisan elections." Opponents of the measure predicted that it would empower Republicans to run stealth campaigns in liberal King County.

Now Hutchison is attempting to do exactly that. In announcing her run, Hutchison boasted about her lack of partisan affiliation, name-dropping both outgoing King County executive Ron Sims, a Democrat, and Democratic former governor Booth Gardner. "Voters are looking for a new direction in government," Hutchison said in a press release.

But don't let Hutchison's nonpartisan pretenses fool you. She's a partisan Republican with a long history of working for and donating to right-wing causes.

Hutchison has given thousands of dollars to Republican candidates (including anti-choice nut job Mike Huckabee), she has served as a board member for the creationist Discovery Institute, she almost ran for state senate as a Republican in 2005, and she delivered a Bible-thumping speech at this year's Governor's Prayer Breakfast in which she sneered at "activist atheists" and evolutionary biologists like Richard Dawkins for "believing they can get by just fine" without Jesus.


Hutchison's creationist beliefs dovetail perfectly with the Discovery Institute, the right-wing think tank where she served as a board member.

That's right. This supposed "non-partisan" is a DIsco Dupe. So I think we can rule out chagrin - it's not that she's ashamed of the rabid, rump party the Cons have become. She's just trying to do what the DIsco dupes do best: sneak agendas in through the back door.

We saw how well that worked for Dino "Prefers GOP Party" Rossi.

King Country voters proved to Dino they're not so easily fooled. Let's do the same to Susan "DIsco Dancer" Hutchison.

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