19 April, 2009

Poem o' the Day

Music, my friends, is poetry. Some of it's really bad poetry, but poetry it remains.

Of course, most song lyrics don't stand so well without the music that accompanies them. But there are some bands you can simply sit back and read. For me, Emperor's like that. For instance, just go read Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk. Okay, yeah, it's seriously dark, but it's still beautiful.Italic
But my favorite, absolute favorite, comes from the album IX Equilibrium. The third verse of "Nonus Aequilibrium" melts me every time. I always associate it with two of my most beloved characters, for obvious reasons. And "Of Blindness and Subsequent Seers" just kicks major arse.

Poetry is what you make of it. Even when it's from a kick-arse black metal album.

Nonus Aequilibrium

For I speak of purity

I am unconquerable
In my worship
I am invincible
On my crusade
However hard the strikes may be
However deep the wounds
This blood immortal
Bleeds for thee

In every breath I hear
The silent whisper of your name
In every harmony
In every thought
You make my water into wine
I am ever thine

Blessed was I with the consecration
To indomitable dedication

Two bound as one
In a trinity
Where I comprise
Infinite forms of unity

In unity reborn
To a state
Where all past burdens
No longer shall be worn

I pledge to perfection
No compromise can touch my woe
Nor questions reach my faith
In immortality

In the name of
Nonus Aequilibrium
I am thine
IX times IX...

Of Blindness & Subsequent Seers

Ever behind me
Rise a shadow
Taller than I
Yet, with a certain resemblance

How many times
Do I have to contemplate my own reflection
And say; I have been blind?

I have been blind
Yet, I saw the search and dreams
Of my rejection
Walking behind me

Every time
I am bound to have been granted
The gift of better sight

But my anxiety
Built one more brick
Fearing again
To choose the wrong step

Vaguely I remember
The blurred eyes
Of someone small
These strangers often come as blind
A troubled mind
I left behind

Yet, was it I
Or my shadow
Walking in the past?

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