18 April, 2009

Give George Will a Porch

First he makes such a jackass of himself on global warming that his Washington Post colleagues spank him for it. Now this:
The Washington Post's George Will tends to get into trouble writing about economics. His problems with columns about global warming are obvious. Will occasionally will write about baseball with minimal controversy, but those items tend to be rather dull.

Today, the conservative columnist branches out a bit, focusing his energies on pants. Not just any pants, mind you, but pants made of denim. Will, apparently, doesn't care for them.


Will proceeded to say we should all get off his lawn, unless we're wearing slacks, in which case we can stay.

OK, I made up that last part, but Will really did write a 747-word column on a fabric he doesn't like.

I'm at a loss.

Oh my fucking gawd. Civilization's ending because everybody's wearing jeans. Seriously, that's the gist of his column. The Post needs to retire him to a porch asap. It should have a lawn in front, so he can make himself happy shouting at kids to get off it.

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Cujo359 said...

There was a great SNL skit a decade or so about George Will. It was supposed to be one of those Washington Week roundtables. It was not too long after Ken Burns' Baseball came out, in which Will was featured pontificating about the game. The actor playing Sam Donaldson kids the actor playing George Will about what a nerd he is. "Go on, try to catch this", Donaldson says, tossing him a baseball. Will doesn't even react to the ball, let alone catch it.

To me, that's George Will in wrapped up in a minute of dialogue.