20 April, 2009

Get Yer Treasure in the Chest

We be setting sail from Slobber and Spittle next weekend - submissions are due no later than the end of day Friday, and ye know ye don't want to be left behind. I've seen only one o' ye step aboard - surely there's more elitist bastards out there. Send Captain Cujo yer links!

I've noticed a dramatic decline in new recruits of late. This won't do. Allow me to repeat meself: For any o' ye who've never sailed, but think ye might be Elitist Bastard enough to sign on, now's yer chance! Let's review the requirements:

1. Write a blog post that blasts ignorance or celebrates some aspect o' wisdom, or if ye be really ambitious, does both.

2. Post yer post.

3. Send us the link no later than the deadline, or ye be dead in the water.

Simplicity itself, innit? Which means no o' ye should be left sittin' on the docks when we sail.

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