14 April, 2009

Cons Want to Ensure You Can't Afford College

Because, of course, their corporate buddies don't want to stop getting paid for providing services the government can provide just fine itself, thank you very much:
The corporate lobbyists continue to line up to obstruct President Obama's budget reforms. An excellent example is the proposed rollback of the privatization of the student loan industry, which has caused lots of consternation among... the private student loan industry (which, incidentally, got a bailout last year). They think direct government lending of student loans, which would save $94 billion dollars over a decade, would just be a terrible outcome for, well, them, and they're leading a fight based on, get this, the fact that Pell grants would be mandatory and not subject to the whims of appropriators. "Make grants for higher education more uncertain!" certainly sounds like the stuff of popular outcry.
Oh, indeed.

Between this and my post below, a question is forming: why are regular ol' people stupid enough to fall for this Con "party of fiscal responsibility" bullshit when it's clear that all the Cons do is rob from the taxpayers to enrich their corporate buddies?


Mike at The Big Stick said...

The student loan program leaves a lot of graduates (and many non-graduates) with a debt that follows them for years. The program routinely gives money for 'expenses' that goes far beyond tuition needs. Try asking a 20 year-old to pass up that money when it is so easily offered.

Once upon a time some people actually paid cash for their educations. They graduated debt free and were better off for it.

The problem isn't the loan program...it's the high cost of college tuition. You can't blame that one on the Right. Liberals run our universities and they are responsible for the huge tuition increases we see yearly. Meanwhile tenured professors earn huge salaries, not to mention misplaced priorities of athletics and enormous coaching pay. Quite frankly, if it weren't for liberals very few would need student loans and the proposed cuts would be a non-issue.

I'd rather see less kids go to college than so many graduating with thousands of dollars owed to the government.

Mike at The Big Stick said...

P.S. If you have to take out a loan with deferred payments...then by definition you 'can't afford college'. That has nothign to do with conservatives.