18 April, 2009

Shoulda Been a Con

Spectacular stupidity and high-grade hypocrisy isn't just limited to the Cons, alas. There's a Dem or two who aspires to that level of dumbfuckery, and at times, they actually succeed:

After a Department of Homeland Security report was leaked this week detailing the rise of right-wing extremism, conservatives rushed to express their outrage. Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) caught headlines by bucking his party to proclaim himself “dumbfounded” by the report and claimed it “raise[d] significant issues involving the privacy and civil liberties of many Americans.” However, as Greg Sargent points out, Thompson himself called for the exact same type of assessment in 2005:

But as ranking member of the House Homeland Security Committee in 2005, Thompson put out a whole report calling on DHS to do more to crack down on right wing extremism. You can read the report right here.

“DHS must reassess the threat posed by right-wing domestic terrorists and revise its long term planning to address this risk,” the report warns. It adds that “the risk posed by right-wing extremists” should prompt DHS to “give higher priority to this threat.”

To quote Hermione Granger: "What. An. Idiot."

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