18 April, 2009

Wherein I Second Ed Brayton's Nominee for Dumbass Quote of the Day

Anti-gay animus? Check. Persecution complex? Check. Got beaten with the stupid stick as a child? Oh, check:

From Maggie Gallagher yet again, speaking to the fact that there has been a huge change in public opinion about gay marriage over the last few years:

Public opinion hasn't changed much at all. What's changed is the punishment the gay marriage movement is inflicting on dissenters, which is narrowing the circle of people willing to speak. This is a very powerful movement, no question. Nobody understands that better than I do.

Yes Maggie, everyone else in the world is just so intimidated by the Gay Agenda that they're telling pollsters things they don't really believe even when they're entirely anonymous, while you, a fountain of courage and virtue, have somehow managed to stand your ground in the face of the onslaught. Did you really say that with a straight face?

Unfortunately, she probably did.


Andre Vienne said...

Even though what she said was utterly stupid, I have to wonder when people like her started getting afraid of gay-bashing.


... I'll just go to my room.

Dana Hunter said...

LOL. Andre, I love you to pieces. You can come out of your room now.