24 April, 2009

What the Hell's Wrong with Texas?

All right, my darlings from Texas, clue me in: what the fuck is wrong with the people in your state?

First we have all these idiots running around yawping about secession:
Last week, a statewide poll in Texas found that 75% of Texans would like to see their state remain in the U.S., while 18% would prefer to secede, and 7% aren't sure. Whether one considered those numbers encouraging or not was a subjective matter.

But that poll was of Texans in general. How about Texas Republicans? This was more obviously discouraging.

An equal number of Republicans think Texas would be better off as its own country as think it would be better off as part of the United States.

Forty-eight percent of Republicans said they favor secession, the same percentage that said they didn't in a Research 2000/DailyKos poll released Thursday.

More, a majority of Republicans -- 51 percent -- approve of Gov. Rick Perry's (R) recent comments that suggested Texas may need to leave the United States; 44 percent of Republicans disapproved of the remark.

Um, wow. Even as a Texan I find this shocking.

Granted, there were only 234 Republicans who participated in the poll, but the fact that they were split, right down the middle, on the question about staying in the United States is more than a little disturbing.


Oh, and did I mention that some Texas legislators are considering issuing a "cease and desist" order to the federal government?

And those things are bizarre enough. But then comes this:

Texas, it's the land of science! Always has been:

Bill Nye "The Science Guy" was booed in Waco, Texas for suggesting the Moon did not generate its own light, but reflected light from the sun...

At this point, several people in the audience stormed out, including [a] woman with three small children who shouted, "We believe in God!" and left.

Always will be, like yesterday when a Texas congressperson demanded Nobel laureates in physics explain how God put oil in Texas in six seconds or less.

What happened, Texas? Have you always been the dumping ground for right-wing nutcases, or is this a recent development? I think it's time for the sane people there to stage a revolution.


Paul Havlak said...
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Paul Havlak said...

A peaceful one, Dana, that's the hard part. Texas has always been fractured between the progressive vs. the alliance of bootlickers of the wanna-be-propertied class with the most retrograde of Bible-thumpers. But it's gotten easier to recognize the insanity of the latter now, so there's reason for hope.

Andre Vienne said...

It's... pretty much been like this for a while, yeah. Though, the secessionist thing is something that almost every teenage Texan goes through at least once in their life.

Until, of course, they realize that some things are just stupid, or their Government or Texas History teacher shows them that, hey, Texas really doesn't have the ability to secede by any means.

Which is weird. My Government teacher made a big show of being an Evangelical Christian, but never incorporated it into his lesson. Maybe I was blessed with sanity and an urban center.

Granted, considering I've spent a lot of time with three younger Republican types, I can say that it's probably likely that this won't change any time soon.

Cujo359 said...

Most Texans I've met seem like sane people, so I'm not sure where all this comes from. There are a certain number of wackos in any society, and we even have some up here in the "progressive" Northwest. That these people seem to be concentrated in the Republican Party nowadays isn't too surprising.

Anonymous said...

What are you people putting in the water- is this only for those in the South? I understand much of the north gets itswater from Canada- is that it? All the US water that goes down hill is full of pollutants?