24 April, 2009

The Stalker Becomes the Stalked

Isn't it fun to see Bill O's attack dog getting a hefty dose of his own medicine?
Gawker has some questions for Jesse B. Watters, the Fox News producer that Bill O'Reilly likes to send out to ambush his enemies. So we're outside his building in Long Island. Right now. (Hi, Jesse!)


If you see him, snap a camera phone picture and send it to us. Or better yet, ask him why he stalks and ambushes people that his boss disagrees with, and tell us what he says. Two years ago, during an on-air celebration of Watters' ambushes, O'Reilly had this to say about his young charge: "Jesse Watters, everybody. He's becoming a big star all over the world."

Let's make that happen.

Heh heh, gorgeous. And if you want a rundown of Watters's infamous ambushes and all the reasons why turnabout's glorious fair play, that Gawker article does a stellar job.

Then, if you're appetite's whetted for more Bill Bashing, head on over to C & L, where they're enjoying themselves immensely at his expense.

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