30 November, 2009

Awesomeness on the Intertoobz

Yes, there are times when I escape the clutches of endless work and go spelunking the intertoobz strictly for fun.  And, like a good cantinera, I sometimes bring choice selections back for patrons of the cantina.  Like this delight, found via John Pieret, proving that Sarah Palin is actually Satan:
Given the interest so many people seem to have had in alleged prophecies about Barack Obama in the Bible, I am really astonished that the same individuals have been so slow to draw attention to the far clearer references in the Bible to another figure in modern politics. As any New Testament scholar can tell you, Palin is mentioned 141 times in the New Testament. Palin, you see, is the Greek word for "again." But the original meaning has not stopped people from making much of the alleged references to Barack Obama, and so presumably should not be allowed to stand in the way of finding (Sarah) Palin in there too.
Read on for the shocking truth!

Ed Brayton has some excellent entertainment news:
Matt Sigl sends a cease and desist letter to George Lucas, demanding that he stop making movies that destroy the legacy of his earlier work by sucking in the worst possible way.
It's about time someone took legal action.

Ed's also got a report on the stunning stupidity of the creationists who made a little film about their trip to the Galapagos in an ill-fated attempt to debunk Darwin.  I'm not going to excerpt it.  You must simply read it.  But for entertainment of this caliber, you really must have a snack.  Mrs. DoF has just the recipe.  And before you stop at the fact it's called "puppy chow," just listen to Mr. DoF's description:
We also have something called “puppy-chow”, which she makes from Ghiradelli chocolate and natural peanut butter, simmered on a double-boiler before being rolled together with Crispix cereal.
You know you want to scroll down the comments in that post for the recipe.  Go on and do it.  Make yourself a nice batch, settle in, and enjoy the bounty.


Woozle said...

um... psst, Dana... where's Brayton's report about the creationists? (Maybe it's obvious and my brain isn't working right... this is Monday morning, after all...)

Dana Hunter said...

The only thing obvious is that I got too excited about the recipe and forgot to add the link for the cretinists. It's there now. Heh heh heh whoops!

Woozle said...

Yay! *hugs*

*...reads a bit, and becomes especially fond of the idea that something can be both the cornerstone of evolutionary theory AND the laughingstock of the scientific community...*