18 November, 2009

Let Them Eat Fast Food

It's horrible that so many Americans have to go hungry.  It's outrageous that Cons don't see the problem with this:
I am so glad that Wall Street is on track for such huge bonuses this year. That's because they can use all that money to buy food for the 49 million Americans - 49 million Americans! Jesus! who "lacked consistent access to adequate food" by the end of the Bush administration.

49 million Americans. Shameful. Shameful!

And check this out towards the end:
“Very few of these people are hungry,” said Robert Rector, an analyst at the conservative Heritage Foundation. “When they lose jobs, they constrain the kind of food they buy. That is regrettable, but it’s a far cry from a hunger crisis.”
49 million Americans have been "struggling with hunger" - as the director of the food center who sponsored the study says - and all conservatives can say is, "Hey, that's not so bad."


My God, that anyone takes conservatives seriously on anything simply boggles the mind. 49 million Americans can't eat well on a regular basis - not won't, but can't - and this asshole pooh-poohs the problem. (By the way, you might want to Google "Robert Rector Heritage Foundation" for a good idea of how wrong someone can be. Authoring flawed studies on immigration. Advocating worthless sex education programs. He's one more extreme-right conservative clown clone.)
14% of the people in this country can't get enough food, and it's no big deal to them.  That says all you need to know about Cons' concern for ordinary people.

This is the same mentality that leads Cons to declare that people can just go to the emergency room when they're sick, and hey, presto! everybody has health care.  As long as restaurants have easily-accessible trash bins and Mickey D's has a dollar menu, they'll say the same thing about Americans' access to food.

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