10 November, 2009

Our George Spanks the Bigots

And he does not spare the rod.

First, he provides a Handy Marriage Chart, and then asks, "Oh, and while we’re on about it, how is it ever OK for people to vote about other people’s rights?  Maybe we should vote on everyone’s right to marry.  Or not."


Then he delivers a message to the morons who voted to take marriage rights away in Maine.  And when he gets done with the message, he adds the perfect Parthian shot:
Those celebrating their “victory” in Maine, just think; are you so sure of God’s will that you will discriminate against “the least of these”?  By your own lights, you better be damned sure.  Me, I don’t believe in heaven or hell, but I know the world we do live in won’t be improved by prejudice or discrimination.
I know one thing for sure.  The world would be vastly improved if it contained more people like George.

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