10 November, 2009

Your Daily Dose of Health Care Reform Stupidity

Now that health care reform has passed the House, all eyes turn to the Senate.  TPM has the definitive rundown of the six Conservadems who could fuck it all up.

Two of 'em are already vowing filibusters: Lieberman will filibuster if there's a public option, and Ben Nelson will filibuster if the Senate doesn't include Stupak's incredibly stupid abortion restrictions.  Connecticut, your mission is to kick Lieberman to the curb.  Nebraska, likewise for Nelson.  Kick hard.  I want to see these assclowns go down to double-digit losses.

Speaking of abortion bullshit, Rep. Wasserman-Schultz vows the Stupak Stupidity will go down to defeat.  And so far, 41 House Dems are right there with her.  Who's for a nice game o' chicken, then?  I'm game.

If the Stupak Stupidity ends up in the final bill, I do hope the Amato Amendment will, as well. After all, every sperm is sacred.  Just ask the Catholic bishops who pushed for the Stupak Stupidity to begin with.

The Cons put on quite the show during debate on the Stupak Stupidity, going so far as to shout down any Congresswomen trying to debate the damned thingDebbie Wasserman-Schultz returned some of their back-of-the-hand treatment today.  Good for her.  Oh, and in answer to Pete Sessions, who thinks women should pay more for insurance because "we're all different," and using smokers paying more as an example, let me just say: smoking's a choice, being female is not (without extensive surgery), you fucktard. 

The RNC seems to be feeling a bit frisky, declaring they'll give Blanche Lincoln the John Kerry treatment if she dares vote for cloture and then vote against the reform bill.  If they want to play that game, they can be my guest - it'll probably make it easier to get a more progressive Dem elected in a very regressive state.  But if Sen. Lincoln wants to retain her Senate seat, she should listen to Steve's sound advice.

Here's a great new moniker for the GOP: grandstand, oppose and pretend.

Few people outside the Teabagger movement can make Sarah Palin look intelligent by comparison, but Fred Hiatt's doing his best.

Dick Armey wants us all to know he believes people should be denied for pre-existing conditions, and moreover, we've got too much health insurance.  That bullshit may be popular among the Teabaggers, but I have a strange feeling the majority of Americans aren't as impressed.

Former AMA president and current anti-reform dumbshit Donald Palmisano wants us all to know that reform's not necessary because doctors will be happy to treat you for free if you can't pay.  I'm sure that will come as news to other docs.

I find it interesting that Americans were watching the health reform debate on barroom teevees

Donna Edwards is paying it forward.  Have I mentioned lately how awesome she is?

And, finally, Steve Benen reminds us that, if health care reform isn't perfect right out of the gate, neither was Social Security.  That's a reassuring thought as we fight for as much progress as we can get.


rekenner said...

If you haven't heard, a Rep Senator (Jim Demint) is trying to introduce a bill that would limit Senators to 2 terms or 15 years and Reps to 3 terms or 7 years.
So. My first thought was, "Huh, I wonder who that would hurt more..."
And so, I did the research.

House: 162 D v 59 R
Senate: 15 R vs 22 D (And Joe Liberman)

Now, I'm not trying to say this is the reason why... But, you know, I think it might be some of the reason

Cujo359 said...

The problem with the Social Security analogy was that at least the original version of SS helped somebody. The current health care reform bill is only going to help insurers and drug companies - folks who don't particularly need aid at the moment.

The rest of us better hope that Congress feels like funding an agency to enforce the insurance regulations, and that the President feels like enforcing them.

Cujo359 said...

The link about Donna Edwards is broken.

Dana Hunter said...