11 November, 2009

Your Daily Dose of Health Care Reform Stupidity

ZOMG, everybody!  If you've got boots, quake in 'em!  If you don't have boots, go get some and start shaking!

That's right - Judd Gregg sez Cons might filibuster health care reform if the Senate bill's like the House bill.  What, you mean that hasn't been the Cons' plan all along?

Meanwhile... Stupak's Stupid Amendment's been causing some consternation on the hill.  Rest assured its future survival's very much in doubtProgressive heroine Jan Schakowsky's vowed to vote against any bill that contains it, and her word carries weight.  Harry Reid sez it goes too far.  And progressive groups are getting locked and loaded against it.  It might survive all that.  If it does, it won't be for long.

But would you like to meet Stupak's fellow C-Street neanderthals?  That's right.  C-Street.  Same religious fucktards who sheltered wick-dippers like John "Daddy, Can You Buy Off My Mistress?" Ensign and Mark "Appalachian Trail" Sanford.  That group's now thinking it has the authority to dictate to women what they can and cannot do with their own reproductive systems.

We beg to differ.  So does nearly every Dem. 

So, C-Street: kiss my pro-choice ass.

Moving on, then.  Joe Lieberman's having a lot of fun playing the anti-Dem.  He's now saying he's not a wiggler.  I think he's going to attempt to filibuster the bill no matter what is or isn't in it.  Harry - time to have a talk with Joe about that gavel he's been having so much fun waving about recently.

Bernie Sanders sees Lieberman's filibuster threat, and raises him a filibuster threat if the public option's not in the final bill, together with the threat of getting health care passed using reconciliation.  Nice.  I don't think Lieberman's ready to play against the big boys just yet.

Blue America's going after Sen. Lincoln.  If you wish to pile on, please do.

You may ask, if majorities support health care reform, why does everybody act as if they don't?  Perhaps it's because even local papers can only count to 80 when they're counting anti-reform protesters.  When it comes to counting pro-reform demonstrators, for some reason, they can't even count as high as their fingers.

At least Brit Hume - yes, Faux News' very own Brit Hume - is able to read polls, and educated Billo about support for the public option.  Nearly gave me heart failure when he pointed out the truth, it did.

Here's your daily dose of outrage, just in time for Veterans Day: 2,200 veterans died last year because they didn't have health insurance.  Methinks we need reform asap.

In case you know people who couldn't give a shit about politics, but love basketball, it might help to tell them that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has called health care reform "a just and noble cause."  That's a beautiful way to put it, Kareem.  That's exactly what it is.

So, I'd just like to second what the Big Dawg said to Senate Dems:  "Whatever you do, don't lose."

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