12 November, 2009

Your Daily Dose of Health Care Reform Stupidity

Good on Ruth Marcus at the WaPo for calling Cons on their "appalling amount of misinformation."  It's refreshing to see someone in the MSM actually call bullshit for once.

Let this be a lesson to recalcitrant Conservadems: if you vote with the Cons, you're not only going to take heat from the left, but invite attacks from your ostensible allies.  You might want to reconsider any "no" votes you had plans, there, dumbshits.

Another installment in the annals of "robbing patients to feed the insurance companies."  Can you credit Conservadems are all over tort reform, which will save a whopping .5% of health care costs, and cost patients their right to fight malpractice?

Steve Benen discovers that many people have apparently been suffering comas during the health care reform saga.  How else could they miss the fact that Obama's been selling health care reform as a cost containment issue since the fucking start?

Believe it or not, the Stupak Stupidity could've been worse.  Rape victims take not: good ol' Stupy thinks that if you don't fight back hard enough, you're supposed to carry your rapists' babies to term.  Isn't that special?

I hope the Dem leadership's happy with the whole 10 votes Stupak's Stupidity garnered.

And, finally, Susie Madrak details the reasons we need to have a long, hard talk with Dems about women's rights, including our right to have basic reproductive health care.  Too many in our party seem to think women are third-class citizens who don't need decent insurance coverage.

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