26 November, 2009

Leaving Pollyticks Out of It

The cantina's open for Thanksgiving, but we're going to lay off the politics for Thursday and Friday.  I've got writing to accomplish, you've got events of your own, and I think we could all use the break.  Besides, things are usually dead slow on holidays, political-news wise.

So you'll see a bit of me, but not too much, and when you do, we'll be talking about fun stuff.  Like cats, and Chinese epics, and brilliant stuff I've found round the intertoobz.

Happy Thanksgiving, my darlings!


Woozle said...

Can I whine for a minute? (I know, this isn't "In Whino Veritas", but it's what we have in stock.)

Holiday breaks are the worst, because school is out -- which means Josh is at home all day, which means Josh gets very bored... which means that Josh starts leaning in the office door and pulling out random things which he thinks will somehow lead to going out somewhere, and makes unhappy noises, and generally causes us to feel terrible for not being super type-A people who can make phone calls until someone gets him the services he needs.

(It's like this on weekends, too, only there are more days to get through... and there's no routine to fall back on.)

It also means we are basically stuck at home -- no special meals out, taking walks, whatever -- aside from the family TG get-together, where we know it is reasonably safe to let Josh wander around.

This year, we got a special "screw you" from the universe because, after finally getting Medicaid for Josh so he could live away from home, and finding a home that was willing to take him on, and then getting the residential service approved (sounds easy; isn't), and then finding *another* home when the first one backed out, and then doing 2 trial visits with that home... they backed out too, on Monday.

At this point it's not even clear that the class of services funded by Medicaid will even cover the level of care Josh actually needs, and it took about 2 years to even get *that* far... and any other funding is highly dubious at this point.

So, to any Republicans reading this: your party is trying to perpetuate this expensive, wasteful, bureaucracy-dominated system which prevents two of us here from pulling our weight and contributing to the economy. I hope you will keep this fact firmly in mind at the next election.

(I would try to appeal to your sense of empathy as well, but I know the only life-forms your really deeply care about are unborn fetuses; after that, we're on our own.)

Cujo359 said...

Hope things get better for you, Woozle. Meantime, hope you have as good a day off as you can.

Dana Hunter said...

Oh, Woozle, what a mess! I hope things turn around. I wish I could make it so. If I could, I would.

All I can do is offer you a bit o' emotional support, and promise that if riches and fame come my way, they're at your service.

Taking care of someone like Josh isn't easy, by any means. Kudos to you two for getting the job done anyway. You make me proud.

Salud, my dear Woozle!