04 November, 2009

Your Daily Dose of Health Care Reform Stupidity

The Cons are desperate.  You know how I know they're desperate?  Because they play the terrorist card whenever they're on the verge of losing.  And if you thought death panels were over-the-top, well, you ain't seen nothing yet.

I'm going to have to start calling her "Washington State's Shame:"
Rep. Virginia Foxx's (R-N.C.) looked pretty ridiculous yesterday when she said Americans have "more to fear" from health care reform than "from any terrorist right now in any country." But it seems the health=terror concept is catching on in GOP circles.
House Republican Conference Vice Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.), who is leading this week's campaign by GOP women to attack the House Democratic health care bill, on Tuesday compared the proposal to an "internal" terrorist attack.
McMorris Rodgers initially avoided endorsing comments made Monday by her colleague, Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.).... But when pressed on whether the bill represented something as grave as a terrorist attack, McMorris Rodgers drew a line between the nature of terrorism and the effect of the Democratic proposal.
"I would say it's the difference between an internal versus an external attack. Yes," McMorris Rodgers said. The Democratic bill "is internal. This is rocking our foundation."
Given the prevalence of this talking point, it almost seems coordinated. Foxx compared reform to terrorism yesterday. Rep. John Shadegg (R-Ariz.) made the same comparison last week.
Think it stops there?  Oh, ye who hath little understanding of how the Cons tend to get on a stupidity roll:

Glenn Beck must have been feeling the pressure from Virginia Foxx yesterday in the Absurd Wingnuttery Championships. So, after Foxx compared the liberal health-care reform package working its way through Congress to terrorism, Beck went on his Fox News show and compared the package to the 9/11 attacks:
Beck: On 9/11, we experienced a feeling we had never had before -- when the buildings and our markets and the economy came falling down around our ears, we realized -- 'Oh my gosh. Our country isn't unsinkable.'
We came, on that day, to the understanding that this Republic is fragile. Here we are now, a decade later. I'm on the air again, warning you that our government cannot sustain our massive spending. The system will collapse if we continue down this progressive path.
Where Glenn Beck goes, Cons in Congress follow.  I'm sure we'll hear plenty more about how health care reform is sooo much worse than those horrible terrorists.  And I have to tell you something.  If I run across someone stupid enough to fall for this ridiculous bullshit, I'm having them locked up as a danger to self and others.  That much burning stupid can't be allowed out of the streets.  People might get burned.

This talk of terrorists has nearly overwhelmed the greatest good news of all.  The Cons have a health care "reform" bill of their very own now!  Of course, if you have a pre-existing condition, you're fucked, despite all that lovely talk from Cons earlier about how folks shouldn't be turned down for having pre-existing conditions.  Oh, and if your state has awesome protections for consumers, you can bet your plans won't, since the Cons' bill lets insurers choose the states with the worst regulations.  Oh, and if you really, really wanted bipartisanship, you ain't getting it with this bill, because the Cons didn't include a single, solitary Dem idea, not even one of the 80% of them the Cons claimed they agreed with

Otherwise, I'm sure it'll be awesome, although we won't know until the rest of it's made public.  I can't hardly wait.

Elsewhere in health care reform stupidity, Blue Dogs are rooting for failure (what a shocker, I know) and Mary Landrieu's still a fucking moron.

But at least the cavalry's finally arrived for the public option: Obama's political operation's pushing hard for it.

We're in the home stretch, my darlings.  We might even see reform before we're old, gray and on Medicare.  Just don't hold your breath, because that might be considered a pre-existing condition...

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Efrique said...

Hang on - trying to cut down on so many people dying of preventable disease is terrorism and worse than terrorism??

How is that anything but completely fucked in the head?

The number of additional, needless deaths from a crazy healthcare system that mostly only works for the wealthy far outweighs all the US losses to terror attacks and to war since.

It's so far into oppositeland that its not even amusing.

I'm too incredulous to write more.