07 November, 2008

Revolution Like It's 1776

Okay, so the Constitution was ratified in '88, but still:

As you may know the Obama's transition has now set up change.gov as the new transition website. And as TPM Reader SB points out there's already signs of the radicalism McCain and Palin warned the country about.

I've clipped out this section of their organization chart of the US government, which you can find linked on this page.

And as you can see, not only has the president been demoted to a position under the constitution. But the vice-president (as shown by the red arrow) has had his own fourth branch revoked and been reassigned to the executive branch ...

We have a President-Elect who understands the Constitution and intends we get back to living under it. That's some insane far-left radicalism, that is. However will we cope?

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Cujo359 said...

Thankfully, very few of the current workers in the White House will have to get used to these strange new rules. They'll mostly be replaced by people who can accept the new ways.