07 November, 2008

Election Fraud, Anyone?

The next time the Cons bring their myth of massive voter fraud, we may just want to remind them of who the real frauds are:

On Election Day, the Minnesota Independent reported that a handful of voters of Somali origin at the Brian Coyle Center in Minneapolis said that “a translator working there was instructing people to vote for Sen. Norm Coleman.” This translator, Mahamoud Wardere, was also a staffer to the Coleman campaign, as the senator himself has acknowledged. As WCCO-TV reported yesterday, this news raises questions about whether Wardere violated state or federal election laws by instructing Somalis to vote for Coleman.
That is just the cherry on top of the towering cake of fuckery they baked up this election season. I'm sure I don't have to remind you of the fliers, texts, emails and phone calls that went out telling Dems to vote on November 5th, or the attempts to use foreclosure lists to knock voters off the rolls, or the dozens of other dirty rotten tricks the Cons used to try to steal an election they couldn't rig. If you need reminding, just head over to TPM and Digby's and type in a search for "voter fraud." Make sure you have a few hours free.

Something tells me they're not as interested in clean elections as they like to claim.

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