17 July, 2009

Happy Moon Landing Anniversary!

This isn't the restored footage, but it's still pretty neat:

One of America's finest moments. Look, I know we were just trying to upstage the Russians, but a lot of sheer awesome came out of the Apollo moon landing.

Driftglass gets it right:
The interactive website commemorating today's anniversary is worth the click.

40 years ago we were a nation that spent billions of dollars on the crap shoot of putting three men on top of 3,200 tons of hellfire wrapped in an aluminum skin and firing the whole thing at a dead rock 240,000 miles away because our destiny demanded it.

40 years later we are a nation that will not spend billions to keep its 300 million citizens alive, healthy and productive because the insurance industry lobbyists who own our politicians forbid it.

Maybe today would be a good time to remind ourselves what we're capable of when we decide to shoot for the moon.

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