30 July, 2009

I Need to Get a Restraining Order

Phoenix is stalking me. Here's the evidence:*

A large northward amplification of the jet stream has allowed hot air to creep up from the Desert Southwest. That combined with a blazing sun and nearly zero flow off the Pacific has promoted the record-setting temperatures.
Look, Phoenix, when I left you, I expected you to respect my decision. This following me all the way up to Seattle shit - it's got to stop. Keep your fucking 103 degree days to yourself, buster.

*Bastards. Apparently, that page wasn't archived. Thanks to Cujo for the heads-up, thus allowing me to find the original photo, if not the original story.


littleboy said...

Hot down here in Portland also. Humidity is double what it normally is when it's this hot. Only seen it hotter once when it was in the one oh teens in eastern Wash. in the early 1960's.

Cujo359 said...

Here's a slightly more permanent link to the relevant article, I think. The one you're linking to has changed. You should download any weather graphic you want to keep for more than a couple of hours.