28 July, 2009

Plantblogging: Stellar Nursery

My Starry Trail fuchsia seems like it's trying to live up to its name. It's trying to outdo the Orion Nebula in the new stars department.

Meanwhile, Mademoiselle is living up to animal kingdom gender stereotypes. She's letting the male do all the showing off, while she sits there plain and smug. She has one bud that maybe someday might if it really feels like it actually bloom - but she's changed her mind before. Fickle wench. Either that, or she's smart enough to relax during this heat wave of ours. It's 70 fucking degrees at five o' clock in the damned morning. That's not right for this latitude.

If anyone else wants to gripe about the heat or preen about their plants, feel free to deposit 2 cents in the comments. Myself, I'm going to bed with that sheet I put in the freezer...

Seriously. That's what I've been reduced to. Sad, isn't it?

1 comment:

Cujo359 said...

Pretty. Meanwhile, it's going to be even hotter today. I'm planning on spending as much time as I can in stores and other retail establishments, and I'm not going to be cooking very much, either.