03 July, 2009

Pansophic Kitteh Sez: Read This Book

My cat may be homicidal, but she's also a discerning reader. Here she is, drawing your attention to a particularly interesting passage in Guns, Germs and Steel:

I'm not sure which passage it was, alas. Too busy photographing the cat. It looks to be the Epilogue, but I can tell you that the entire book is an excellent read. You'll never see the world in quite the same way again. And it answers that pesky question: why were Europeans the ones who pretty much took over the world?

Bad news for those who wish to believe in the inherent superiority of a subset of humanity, I'm afraid.

For those who haven't read it, but like me spent years intending to, let this be your meaningful nudge: it's a really fucking excellent book. And my cat says you should read it. When a homicidal feline places a meaningful paw on a book and recommends you peruse it, it's probably safest just to do what she says.

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