06 July, 2009

Random Vacation Photo: Trauma Queen

I am, at long last, finally getting the billions of vacation photos sorted through. Better late than never, right? And now I get to spring some of the outtakes upon you, in no particular order.

Here's my little Trauma Queen, holding on to Mom for dear life at Slide Rock:

You can't see it in the picture, but she has her front legs clamped as tightly around my neck as she can manage. The combination of kids, dogs and great outdoors were just too much for her.

If only we'd gotten a shot of her poor little face when the following exchange took place:

TWO SMALL GIRLS (spot cat): Look, Mommy! A kitty!

CAT: Ohshitohshitohshit...

TWO SMALL GIRLS: Can we pet the kitty?

CAT: No! No, you cannot pet the kitty!

EVIL CAT OWNER (grabbing cat's head to prevent maiming): Sure, you girls can pet the kitty.

CAT: Must run aaaawwwwaaaayyyy!!!!!!!! Oh, gods, it's too late! Goodbye, cruel world!

Her expression must have been utterly priceless. All I could see was one enormous eye looking for the nearest escape route. I swear she was trying to climb through my chest at one point. She was too shit-scared to even attempt a bite.

And to think this shivering bundle of misery is the same little hell spawn who regularly tries to kill all who cross her threshold...

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Cujo359 said...

Cats are like that. I had one who would love to beat up his "brother", the other cat we were living with at the time. Yet when a person showed up in the house, he'd be the one hiding under the couch, while the other cat's attitude was "Oh, look, you brought me a human!"