07 July, 2008

Because Sometimes I Actually Write About Writing

For those of you who might be curious as to what I get up to when I'm not spanking fuckwits of all shapes and sizes, you can head over to The Coffee-Stained Writer, where I'm a sometime guest-blogger, and peruse my ariticle on Multi-Dimensional Animals.

No, Schrödinger has nothing to do with it. Sorry and all that.

A sample:

Seems like a good time to answer a plea from an old and dear friend that ended up in me website email inbox:

When one puts animals in books, one should include a wide spectrum of emotions not just good/bad animals. Like us, they are complex living beings with a wide variety of emotions. In short, we are tired of reading about one dimensional animals!!

And yes, in case you were wondering: there is snark. Of course. What the fuck else did you expect from moi?

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