02 July, 2008

What Say You All?

It's time for the swarthy crew of the HMS Elitist Bastard to throw hats in the air and shout "HUZZAH!" Your hard work and elite contributions have made both of this great ship's voyages rousing successes.

Thanks to PZ Myers, our intrepid cephalopod capitan for July, COTEB has gotten the recognition it deserves. I can only imagine what's going to happen after he's helmed the ship!

Those two things combined means I've gathered a list of captains that would take us into 2010. And that leads me to a very important question: do you, my dearest Elitist Bastards, think we start sailing every two weeks come this fall?

I'll post the schedule once the ayes and nays have had their say.

1 comment:

Efrique said...

My vote is to keep the schedule monthly for the present. I have two main reasons for that.

(i) I would like to maintain a high standard of submissions; it's going to get much harder not to say the same things pretty soon I expect.

(ii) I'm not sure I want to read a dozen-odd posts like that more than about once a month.

I'd at least advise waiting to see what the number of submissions is like post PZed. If it's so high that submissions are getting left off, a higher rate may be called for, at least for a time.