27 July, 2008

Drink Specials

This is a cantina. Alcohol should be involved (especially considering the subjects we discuss - alcohol is practically a necessity). Therefore, we're going to start publishing some house specialties.

Where else would we start but with a margarita? And not just any margarita, mind you.

Dana's Margarita Magnífico

José Cuervo Tradicional
Triple Sec
100% pure Key lime juice
Brown Sugar (seriously)

In step numero uno, combine your water, brown sugar, and Key lime juice to make lime aide. Sweeten to taste.

In step numero dos, stir in a goodly amount of Tradicional and just a smidgeon of Triple Sec.

Serve over ice. Proceed to oblivion.

You may ask, why brown sugar? I've made the lime aide with regular ol' white sugar, and it's all right. But the brown sugar - oh, honey, you'd be amazed at the difference! People who despise tequila and have never enjoyed margaritas suck these down like candy. I once spent a frantic evening doing nothing but mixing more margaritas because of all the buggers who'd assured me they never drink 'em, but they'd try a little taste... okay, a little more... may I have another pitcher, please?

So that's House Specialty Numero Uno. I'm calling upon all of you to email me your delightful, unique, bizarre, or just plain devastating drink recipes so we can get a full bar going. I especially call upon Chaos Lee to share the secret of his Sambuca Shake. I have many happy memories of that shake, and so should you all.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sounds good. Except for the water & the brown sugar & the triple sec it sounds about perfect. I would probably just leave out the water all together to keep it a margarita for guests, but ideally I like tequila & lime juice over ice with a salted glass. Tradicional is my favorite for this. Riserva de la Familia is nice if you want to drop the lime juice and salt, and if someone else is picking up the tab.

I once met Juan Beckman Vidal, the (then?) chair of Casa Cuervo, thanks to mi esposa's job. Wonderful man. I tend to be brand-loyal to Joe Crow as a result of that encounter.

Thanks for the recipe idea.