14 July, 2008

There's Some Fun to be Had at The Coffee-Stained Writer

Had all you can stand of politics, religious inanity, and general dumbassitude for a bit? Then it's definitely time you headed over to The Coffee-Stained Writer to play.

NP's got a new feature called Bookmarks going. I'll let her 'splain - or at least, sum up:

Each Saturday I'll post a submitted photo of a reader, submitted by you. This weekly photo is the same concept as the original carnival--submit a picture of yourself reading. You can be reading anywhere: at a library/bookstore, at home, while playing video games, at the movie theater. All I ask is that you do not put yourself in danger (any submissions that make me feel someone is in danger will not be posted). You may include a caption/explanation with your photo, as well as a bio and links to any website(s)/blog(s) you want included with your photo.

Instructions and so forth can be found at the above link. Don't miss out on the rest of the blog - you've got to see what she was reading on her wedding day!

She's also going to be soliciting a series of genre articles written by none other than YOU. Yes, you. I know there's a few writers in this crowd, so if you want to write up a piece on how to write, let NP know your area of interest and she'll slot you in: nicolepalmby (at) gmail (dot) com. I've called dibs on SF, and you'll get to read my ravings round about the first of August. You can, of course, humbly request to follow in my footsteps by asking if you can specialize in science fiction, fantasy, horror or any of the other "speculatives" that fall under the umbrella of Speculative Fiction. ;-)

And finally, to keep you wide-awake for that genre piece you'll be writing, and the photos of yourself reading you'll be taking, NP has some excellent news. If you love chocolate (me), spearmint (me!) and iced coffee (ME!), you won't want to miss this.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go sort through the bajillions of photos I have of myself reading so I can submit just the right one...

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Nicole said...

Thanks for the plug, my dear!