22 July, 2008

The Captain's Calling for Ye!

Captain PZ Myers demands more submissions:
I'm hosting the next Carnival of the Elitist Bastards on 26 July, and the submissions are barging in to my mailbox and demanding my attention…but I need more. I want a legion of arrogant SOBs making noise. So send me more links…don't be shy (hah!).
A legion he wants and a legion he shall have. There's still time! Dig out a past post if you haven't time to write a new one. You're Elitist Bastards: something you've written in the past will pass muster! Pull an all-nighter, whatever you must do: just answer your captain's call by this Friday!

(Tip o' the tricorn to Slybird for the photo suggestion)

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Efrique said...

Arr, that be a handsome picture.