14 July, 2008

This Shall Do Absolute Wonders for My Volcano Phobia

Longtime readers will know I have a bit o' a volcano phobia. The one comfort I've had living on the Ring of Fire is that volcanoes give plenty of warning before they erupt. Should one of the local peaks go boom, I'll have gobs of time to pack up the important stuff, chuck the cat into the car, and wave goodbye to the landlord before fleeing south to the parents in Phoenix.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Nine people were ferried to safety after a volcano on the Aleutian island where they live erupted Saturday, sending ash and rocks falling to the ground below.

Okmok Volcano on Unmak Island erupted at about noon Saturday.


"This eruption came out of the blue in a lot of ways," said volcanologist Dave Schneider. "There is only maybe about one and a half hour or so of precursory activity before it went into full born eruption, so it did come as a surprise to us."

D'oh, shit.

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