10 January, 2010

Already Want More Books

So, Wayne Ranney dropped by the cantina a bit ago and mentioned he had two new books out.  "Wanna take a look?" he asks.

Do I wanna?  Is the Space Pope reptilian?  Is my cat homicidal?  Do I own Ancient Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau and Carving Grand Canyon?

Why, yes.  Yes to all.

Alas, Amazon knows nothing of two new books by Wayne Ranney.  But that's okay, because I have his blog bookmarked, which leads me to his website, which shows me these two mystery books.  There's the Easy Field Guide to Arizona Landforms and Defining the Colorado Plateau: a Geologic Perspective.  I see another book order in my future...

So, Wayne, if you're reading this: keep a copy of each set aside for me.  And, oh, dear, if you've got spare copies of The Verde Valley: A Geological History, Canyon Country, and Sedona Through Time, you'd best stick those in the pile as well.  As soon as ye olde budget's recovered from Christmas, I shall be needing them.

And here I thought I had enough books to last me a month or so.  Ha, I say, ha.

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