23 January, 2010

Technical Issues Day the Third

Whelp.  We're very nearly back up and running, aside from the very annoying "the system could not log you on" message at startup.  It couldn't log me on, and yet it does once I hit "ok."  Argh.  If anyone knows how to fix this, I'll be pathetically grateful.  And if it's a fix whose directions even an amateur such as myself can follow, I'll owe you dinner when next you're in Seattle.

Other than that minor detail, things seem to be nearly back to normal.  Of course, there was the endless slog through MSCONFIG looking for all the goodies Apple likes to autostart after downloading the new version of iTunes.  That was fun.  And downloading all of the programs I lost, but need.  And cleaning up all of the now-useless shortcuts.  And running virus scans to make sure nothing snuck in before I reinstalled those.  And... argh.  I still haven't rearranged my desktop or modified my start menu. 

On top of all this, Aunty Flow decided to come visit. 

As I hobbled up the stairs at work, I half-expected the building to fall down.  It would be par for the course this week.

On the plus side, the new version of Avast! is easier to use, Spybot's been merciless about those sneaky little programs advertisers use to target a soul, and the computer's running faster now that there's not a bunch of useless crap and ten billion registry errors clogging up the system. 

Things will be back to normalish round here after the weekend.

I hope.


Karen said...

My sympathies! You seem to have a boatload of difficulties right now, Admiral.

george.w said...

Sounds like a nightmare to deal with. Don't you have a neighborhood Linux geek who could set you up?