25 January, 2010

Our Lady of Perpetual Patience

I'm pleased to announce that the cantina now has its very own official patron saint.

PZ has good reason to nominate his Trophy Wife for sainthood.  Since the Catholics take forever in these matters, and since as atheists we don't have to wait for some musty old church to comprehend the obvious, I hearby proclaim the deed done.  Congratulations, St. Mary!

If PZ could tip us off as to her favorite liqueur, I'll come up with an official St. Mary cocktail.  It will, of course, be called the "Hail Mary."  In the meantime, raise a glass full o' your poison o' choice to Our Lady of Perpetual Patience.  Just don't pester the poor sainted woman with prayers - she's got quite enough to deal with, what with being PZ's long-suffering spouse.

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