20 January, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Last night was a night filled with rampant stupidity.  Tonight is a night filled with technical difficulties.  Since the Con in Mass has been elected, nothing has gone right.  Coincidence?  Yes, but I choose to blame him anyway.  It makes me feel slightly better.

Alas, said technical difficulties mean we're off the air for the rest of the night whilst I try to get various bits sorted out.  I'll make it up to ye tomorrow, my dear readers.

In the meantime, those hankering for some good political nonsense should head by Steve Benen's placeEzra Klein was also particularly merciless today.  And since merciless is the mood I'm in, I assume at least a few of you feel roughly the same way.

See ye tomorrow, my darlings.  Unless, of course, the Curse of Scott Brown strikes again.

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