07 January, 2010

Oh, The Frivolous Lawsuits You'll File!

Those of you who keep up with anti-vaccinationist news will know by now that a total moron named Barbara Loe Fisher has decided to sue everybody she can possibly sue because they didn't pander to her abject stupidity.  Why, one of them went so far as to baldly say, "She lies"!  So she's done what every other idiot with no facts on their side does: filed a frivolous lawsuit in a desperate attempt to shut her critics up

That's when it's good to have a lawyer in the cantina.  Our own John Pieret has taken a look at the merits of the case, and found them decidedly lacking.  He's even got case law to show just how ridiculous the whole thing is.  It's a masterful smackdown, and it shows just how far this suit is (un)likely to get.

Good luck with that, Barbara.  You know, the dupes who donate money to your anti-vaccine crusade don't care if some evil scientist calls you a liar.  So all you're really doing is spending their cash on a lost cause.  Just think: you could've just spent a few minutes writing an "am not a liar!" post and been done with it without spending a dime, rather than ponying up cash just to get spanked in court.  But hey, it's your hard-begged money, so do whatever you want with it.

(In other fucktard news, following up on yesterday's post on Nancy "The Danes Turned that Poor Man Into an Axe Murderer!" Holm: Miranda Hale took Nancy out to the woodshed and left no bottom unspanked.  Do enjoy.)

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