16 January, 2010

Haiti: Help Slow in Coming

When you've had a major earthquake in a poor country, getting aid to the survivors in the disaster zone is a nightmare.  And while the world's been focused on Port-au-Prince, there are a great many other towns that have been just as badly affected and are even more inaccessible.  Here's just a small glimpse of the horror: patients abandoned as medical personnel are evacuated; bodies in mass graves, when they're in graves at all.

And what's the most useful thing Rep. Steve King thinks can be done?  He wants the U.S. to deport Haitians so they can be "relief workers."

Meanwhile, Glenn Beck babbles about how President Obama's rapid response is "dividing the nation."  Only a total fucking batshit insane partisan fool thinks a swift, competent response to a major disaster is "divisive."

Paging Roger Ebert: now that you're done spanking Rush Limbaugh's fat arse, maybe you can take on those two dumbshits. (h/t Chris)

The vast majority of my fellow Americans are kind, decent, and compassionate people.  Most of our current government is responding with competence and compassion.  Alas, when it comes to right-wing shitheels, it seems even a major tragedy isn't enough to knock some decency into them.

Haitians still need our help, so if you haven't had a chance to do so, please consider choosing a well-deserving organization from the list and sending some cash their way.

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