14 January, 2010


I spent a huge, depressing portion of today reading about the devastation in Haiti.  It's not quite 2004 tsunami-level destruction, but it's close enough.

For the science behind the tragedy, you could head on over to Highly Allochthonous for a discussion of the plate tectonics that will at least help you understand why the earth broke.  The Frontal Cortex cautions us not to let the scale of the disaster overwhelm our empathy.

Speaking of empathy, Digby has a long list of aid agencies that could use some cash.  The Center for International Disaster Information explains why cash donations are more useful than goods like blankets or clothing in a tragedy like this.  Haiti's going to need a huge number of resources, from medical rescue to food to clothing to shelter to funds for rebuilding.  Earthquake destruction of this magnitude is bad enough when it happens to a reasonably wealthy country: one as poor as Haiti, well, they haven't the resouces to handle this alone.  Especially not on top of all the other disasters they've faced just recently. 

Greg Laden has a good list of various resources for those who want to keep up with the news, seek missing relatives, or want further options for assistance.

And, of course, no disaster is complete without the requisite stupidity from shitheels like Rush Limbaugh (who just can't seem to shut up),  rabid right frothers, and assorted others.  To all of them: fuck you, you heartless fucktards.

So forget them.  There'll be time enough to spank them once Haiti's been helped.   There are people who need us now.

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