21 January, 2010

Yet More Technical Difficulties

I've just spent the entire day rescuing my computer from a near-fatal error.  Fortunately, our own Cujo knows this shit, and was available for consultation.  Thanks to him, we're (mostly) back up and running, complete with original data.  Woot!

For those of you who might be considering whether or not to register your expensive Photoshop software, do it.  Especially if you're prone to believing you've put the serial number in a safe place and discovering otherwise at the wrong damned time.  Normally, I don't register shit.  In this case, fortunately, I broke my habits, and that is why Photoshop Elements is back up and running on this machine.

We'll be catching up on all the political nonsense I missed tomorrow.  In the meantime, there's some more missing software to reinstall, custom settings to reset, a cat to catch up with, and a sadly neglected bed to visit.

Thanks for understanding, my darlings!

1 comment:

Cujo359 said...

I'll just add to that thought about serial numbers - the most effective way to hold onto it is to write it on the CD or DVD your software came on. If you don't have a Sharpie (TM) felt tip marker or something like it, buy one, then use it to write the serial number on the label side of the CD/DVD.

If you lose the CD, you can't put the software on anyway. If you have it, and it has a serial number on it, you have everything you need.