16 January, 2010

I Saw This and Thought of George

I can't wait to hear our own dear George's thoughts on this swank bit of photographic equipment:

Yes, that is a huge-ass lens taped to a cell phone. 

Something tells me it ain't gonna help the picture quality.


Cujo359 said...

Wonder how they got the focal distance right?

Atheist Chaplain said...

Looking at it I would say they didn't.
there is no way that the focal plane is 4mm from the back of the lens :-)

Webs said...

That was my only thought too Dana, "I wonder if George has tried this?" And also the how well does it work.

Don Smith said...

It's a real product so I assume they worked out the focal distance:


george.w said...

LOL - Diane and I were at breakfast when I saw this on my iPod. I showed it to her and people must have wanted in on the merriment.

I do stuff like this all the time - it works surprisingly well.

Peace Sign, made by holding an old SLR normal lens against a digicam.
Newsprint, made by holding a Pentax spotting scope and digicam together.
Teabag, made by using an LED camp light as a ringlight.

george.w said...

Oops, first link didn't work. Trying again: Peace Sign