20 August, 2008

Faux News Pwnd by 12 Year-old

I know there are people in this country who take Faux News seriously. I have no idea why:

Wow, Faux really blew it here, bringing in a 12 year old Ossetian girl "hero" to talk about how bad the Russian aggression was, first-hand, only to have the girl stop the flow of the interview and point out that her ordeal was caused by Georgian troops, and she thanks the Russians who helped her escape.

Note to Faux: the key to effective propaganda is to ensure that the children and aunts you're attempting to exploit for your agenda don't completely fucking contradict your agenda with first-hand experience. This is why you should employ something we like to call journalism to discover these little things we like to call facts.

The look of shock on that anchor's face when his carefully constructed Ruskies are eeeevvviiiiillll!!1!!11! piece started tumbling down round his ears was completely priceless. So was the "That's what the Russians want" lame-ass attempt at rescuing the situation.

How I love watching the eggs break all over Faux News's dear little faces.

For bonus fuckwittery relating to Faux News fuckups and the people who blindly believe them, see here.


khops said...


PTET said...

"That anchor" is Shepard Smith who has got to be one of the least pleasant and most slippery people in journalism.

"There are grey areas in war" he says.

What a freakin' scumbag.

I bet the Fox producer in San Francisco who set that interview up is looking for a new ob tonight. Poor sod...

Efrique said...

Even the smallest understanding of the causes and course of the conflict would have left him aware that this was a fairly likely attitude in a South Ossetian.

Maybe the Fox News morons should try reading some actual news sometime, so that they can not be quite so lame with their attempts at propaganda. If you believe your own stupid bull, you're going to be caught out by it.

It's not hard. BBC news (among many others) had it all laid out pretty clearly as it happened.

I guess its easier to just assume "pro-western-Georgia = uniformly good; Russia = uniformly bad" than to actually learn about what was going on.

Georgia's handling of the crisis in S. Ossetia was, to be honest, about as competent and as grounded in realistic assessment of the likely outcomes as the Iraq war. There was a very brutal reaction to a violent campaign by separatists (who wanted to be part of the Russian Federation). The Georgian excesses provoked the Russians, who in turn over-reacted themselves. The actions of the Russians, while deplorable, were not the least surprising.

Cujo359 said...

Russia's actions look surprisingly similar to ours here. Whenever things get out of hand in some Latin American country, invading and "setting things straight" is inevitably an option. Just in the last three decades we've invaded Panama, Grenada, and Haiti on those grounds.

I'm not excusing Russia's actions. The fact is I don't know enough about what's going on over there to have formed an opinion. But I certainly don't take all this talk about how awful Russia's being as seriously as I once might have.