18 August, 2008

Wow. Just.... Wow.

Sitemeter led me to a new delight tonight: PTET.

Leads DaveScot around by the nose.

Unleashes the Smack-o-Matic until Denyse O'Leary blubbers.

Has the same soft spot for Buddhism I do (once the religious crap's stripped away and the philosophy's left to shine).

I likes this blog!

Oh, and, you know, there was that really nice compliment that melted me into a soppy little puddle:
While I'm in a blog-rolling mood, props to En Tequila Es Verdad for being without question the best blog in the world today...

Wow. I mean... really... wow. That's overwhelming, is what that is. Gracias.

But you know what? This blog wouldn't be anything without my readers. I scribble it, but you, my darlings, are the ones who inspire it. So that compliment, there: that belongs to you.

Salud, mi amigos.


Zarolho said...

Wanna do Spanish, then do it in style: Not «Salud, mi amigos.» but rather «Salud, mis amigos.»

PTET said...

Thanks, that's very sweet of you... My blogging is overly verbose and underly regular. Yours flows like... like... like good booze with better people. So there :)